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Thu, 01 May 2008

At that moment, the novice was enlightened...
Presented without further comment, a conversation I had yesterday on IRC. I am yrlnry:

--> You are now talking on #ubuntu
23:37<yrlnry>I upgraded to HH this afternoon. Since the upgrade, when I select a URL in gnome-terminal and then pick the "open this link" menu item, the link doesn't open in my browser. Instead, I get a dialog that says "Could not open the address "http://...": There was an error launching the default action command associated with this location." How can I fix this, or find out what the "error" was?
23:38<lpkmgj> yrlnry: this happeds in Windows
   yrlnry: i get that in Windows 2
23:39<yrlnry> lpkmgj: thanks! that fixed my problem!
 <lpkmgj>yrlnry: sarcasm?
 <yrlnry>lpkmgj: No!
 <lpkmgj>yrlnry: right ....
23:40<yrlnry>lpkmgj: WHen you said that, I realized that the problem was that HH had installed Firefox 3, and that the terminal program wants to use the default browser, which is FF2, which is no longer present since the upgrade.
 <yrlnry>lpkmgj: so I told FF3 to make itself the default browser, and the problem went away.
 <lpkmgj>yrlnry: oh, well glad i helped : )

(I have changed the name of the other person.)

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