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Fri, 30 May 2008

More Glade
After writing about Glade Interface Designer today, I decided to go ahead and see if it would be as easy to make a working application as I hoped it would be.

The outcome: big success.

The application has a window with two input fields, a "+" button, and an output field that shows the sum of the input fields when you press the "+" button. It took about half an hour from start to finish, and the only thing I had to look up in the manual was the names of the functions that read and write the values of the text fields. Everything else I got through bricolage and tinkering with the autogenerated monkey code.

The biggest problem that I encountered was that the application didn't exit when I clicked the close box, although the window disappeared. I figured out that the close box was sending a "delete" event and not a "destroy" event and fixed it up right quick.

Gtk+ and Glade Interface Designer get at least two gold stars. Maybe three. Maybe fifty-three.

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