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Mon, 15 Nov 2010

A draft of a short introduction to topology
One of my ongoing projects is to figure out how to explain topology briefly. For example, What is Topology?, putatively part 1 of a three-part series that I have not yet written parts 2 or 3 of yet.

CS grad students often have to take classes in category theory. These classes always want to use groups and topological spaces as examples, and my experience is that at this point many of the students shift uncomfortably in their seats since they have not had undergraduate classes in group theory, topology, analysis, or anything else relevant. But you do not have to know much topology to be able to appreciate the example, so I tried to write up the minimal amount necessary. Similarly, if you already understand intuitionistic logic, you do not need to know much topology to understand the way in which topological spaces are natural models for intuitionistic logic—but you do need to know more than zero.

So a couple of years ago I wrote up a short introduction to topology for first-year computer science grad students and other people who similarly might like to know the absolute minimum, and only the absolute minimum, about topology. It came out somewhat longer than I expected, 11 pages, of which 6 are the introduction, and 5 are about typical applications to computer science. But it is a very light, fluffy 11 pages, and I am generally happy with it.

I started writing this shortly after my second daughter was born, and I have not yet had a chance to finish it. It contains many errors. Many, many errors. For example, there is a section at the end about the compactness principle, which can only be taken as a sort of pseudomathematical lorem ipsum. This really is a draft; it is only three-quarters finished.

But I do think it will serve a useful function once it is finished, and that finishing it will not take too long. If you have any interest in this project, I invite you to help.

The current draft is version 0.6 of 2010-11-14. I do not want old erroneous versions wandering around confusing people in my name, so please do not distribute this draft after 2010-12-15. I hope to have an improved draft available here before that.

Please do send me corrections, suggestions, questions, advice, patches, pull requests, or anything else.

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