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Tue, 05 Feb 2008

Steganography in 1665
Today's entry in Samuel Pepys' diary says:

He told us a very handsome passage of the King's sending him his message ... in a sluggbullet, being writ in cypher, and wrapped up in lead and swallowed. So the messenger come to my Lord and told him he had a message from the King, but it was yet in his belly; so they did give him some physique, and out it come.
Sure, Bruce Schneier can mount chosen-ciphertext attacks without even choosing a ciphertext. But dare he swallow a "sluggbullet" and bring it up again to be read?

Silly me. Bruce Schneier can probably cough up a sluggbullet without swallowing one beforehand.

[ Addendum 20080205: A correction. ]

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