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Fri, 24 Feb 2006

Blog Post Escapes from Lab
My blog pages get regenerated when I run Blosxom. Also, I have a cron job that runs it every night at 12:10.

Files named turn into blog posts. While posts are under construction, I name them something.notyet. Then when they're done, I rename them to and either rerun Blosxom or wait until 12:10.

Sometimes I get a little cocky, and I figure that I'm going to finish the post quickly. Then I name the file right from the start.

Sometimes I'm mistaken about finishing the post quickly. Then I have to fix the name before 12:10 so that the unfinished post doesn't show up on the blog.

Because if it does show up, I can't really retract it. I can remove it from the main blog pages at But won't remove it until another twelve posts have come in, no matter what I do with the syndication files.

And that's why there's a semi-finished post about Simplified Poker on today.

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