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Sun, 05 Aug 2007

Sub-blogs and the math sub-blog
I notice that a number of people have my blog included in lists of "math blogs", which is fine with me, but I got a bit worried when I saw someone's web site that actually includes a lot of "math blog" articles, including mine, which is only ever about one-fourth math, the rest being given over to random other stuff. So the "math blog" section of this guy's web site is carrying my ill-informed articles about evolutionary biology and notes about the Frances the Badger books.

If you really do want just the math articles for some reason, you can subscribe to the feeds at or I've been generating these sub-feed files since the blog began, and I know nobody uses them. But perhaps someone would like to.

Similarly, there are sub-feeds for other subsections of the blog, for example "physics". Most of these topic areas receive many fewer updates than does the "math" section:

64 math
16 lang
14 physics
14 oops
14 linogram
14 book
14 prog
10 bio
7 lang/etym
6 meta

Personally I feel that the eclecticism of the blog is one of its attractions, and I gather that a lot of other people do too, but perhaps not everyone agrees.

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