The Universe of Discourse

Fri, 24 Nov 2017

My new blog

Over the years many people have written to me to tell me they liked my blog but that I should update it more often. Now those people can see if they were correct. I suspect they will agree that they weren't.

I find that, especially since I quit posting to Twitter, there is a lot of random crap that I share with my co-workers, friends, family, and random strangers that they might rather do without. I needed a central dumping ground for this stuff. I am not going to pollute The Universe of Discourse with this material so I started a new blog, called Content-Type: text/shitpost. The title was inspired by a tweet of Reid McKenzie that suggested that there should be a text/shitpost content type. I instantly wanted to do more with the idea.

WARNING: Shitposts may be pointless, incomplete, poorly considered, poorly researched, offensive, vague, irritating, or otherwise shitty. The label is on the box. If you find yourself wanting to complain about the poor quality of a page you found on a site called, maybe pause for a moment and consider what your life has come to.

I do not recommend that you check it out.

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