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Sun, 16 Sep 2007

Thank you very much for that bulletin
I'm about to move house, and so I'm going through a lot of old stuff and throwing it away. I just unearthed the decorations from my office door circa 1994. I want to record one of these here before I throw it away and forget about it. It's a clipping from the front page of the New York Times from 11 April, 1992. It is noteworthy for its headline, which only one column wide, but at the very top of page A1, above the fold. It says:


Sometimes good articles get bad headlines. Often the headlines are tacked on just before press time by careless editors. Was this a good article afflicted with a banal headline? Perhaps they meant there was internecine squabbling among the diplomats charged with the negotiations?

No. If you read the article it turned out that it was about how darn hard it was to end the war when folks kept shooting at each other, dad gum it.

I hear that the headline the following week was DOG BITES MAN, but I don't have a clipping of that.

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