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Mon, 31 Jul 2023

Can you identify this language?

Rummaging around in the Internet Archive recently, I found a book in a language I couldn't recognize. Can you identify it? Here's a sample page:

The page
is hard to read, but as far as I can tell, it begins: “plac'het iaouank a ioa ouz ho gortoz, ho chleuzeuriou var
elum, a ieas gantho d ai zal a eured; ha goudeze e oue serret an or Ar
plac'het iaouank all a erruas ive d'ar fin, ha setu hi da c'hervel ar
goaz nevez en eur lavaret; …”

I regret that IA's scan is so poor.

Answer: Breton.


Addendum 20230731: Bernhard Schmalhofer informs me that HathiTrust has a more legible scan. ]

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