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Fri, 08 Sep 2006

I get a new job
Where did my blog go for the past six weeks? Well, I was busy with another project. Usually, when I am busy with a project, it shows up here, because I am thinking about it, and I want to write about what I am thinking. As Hans Arp said, it grows out of me and I keep cutting it off, like toenails. But in this case I could not write about the project here, because it was a secret. I was looking for a new job, and I did not want my old job to find out before I was ready.

(Many people have been surprised to learn that I have a job; they remember that for many years I was intermittently a software consultant and itinerant programming trainer. But since January 2004 I have been regularly employed to do maintenance programming for the University of Pennsylvania's Networking and Telecommunications group.)

Anyway, the job hunt has come to a close. I accepted a new job, put in my resignation letters at the old one, and can stop thinking about it for a while. The new work will be head software engineer at the Penn Genomics Institute. I will try to develop software for genetic biologists to use in their research. I expect that the new job will suit me somewhat better than the old one. I like that it is connected to science, and that I will be working with scientists. The work itself is important; genomics is going to change everything in the world. Also, it pays rather more than the old one, although that was not the principal concern.

So with any luck blog posts will resume here, and eventually some genomics-related articles may start appearing.

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