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Sun, 02 Apr 2023

Recent addenda to articles 202303

  • I added some notes to the article about mutating consonants in Spanish, about the Spanish word llevar and its connection with Levant, Catalan llevant, the east, the orient, and Latin orior.

  • I unexpectedly got to use my weird divisibility trick a second time.

  • John Wiersba informed me that the auction game I described is called “Goofspiel”.

  • I added a note to my article about spires of the Sagrada Família that mentions that the number twelve (of disciples) symbolizes perfection and is the number of stars in the flag of the European Union.

  • Lukas Epple wrote to point out that back in 2006 I cited the wrong section for the proof of !!1+1=2!! from the Principia Mathematica. This inspired me to hunt up the actual theorem. My article about this only discussed the precursor theorem ∗54.3. Here's what the !!1+1=2!! proof looks like:

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